The about us page has quickly mentioned the short-term and long-term goal statements. These goal statements help us in maintaining speed and direction during the ongoing development of C.I.D. as an organisation.
Ultimately these goal statements keep C.I.D. pointed towards the determined mission and vision statements.

  •  Mission statement: Providing the foundation for YOUR corporate success
  •  Vision statement:   A tight-knit community dedicated to providing custom-made resource solutions

But what do the goal statements mean and how to they help support the development of C.I.D.
Below you will find an in-depth analysis of the short-term and long-term goal statements based on concrete goals.


Short-term goals

Laying down the groundwork for a strong and corporate styled organisation, capable of handling large scale operations and custom training modules.

The short term goal is set for the pre-release period. This means the deadline for this goal is the ultimate 'official' release date of the star citizen Persistent Universe (PU). The short term goal is aimed at all the work that has to be done before C.I.D. can be functioning effectively. This means developing the (self-)image of the organisation, gaining members and developing all the tools we require to successfully operate. This goal statement encompasses 6 concrete goals:

Long-term goals

To be a sizeable and profitable organisation that can pride itself with the quality of its services.

This long-term goal statement is set for 6 months after the release of the PU and is aimed at securing the position of C.I.D. in the active PU. The current long-term goals emphasise the identity of C.I.D. in relation to the PU community. The long-term goal statement is composed of 4 concrete goals, which together describe how C.I.D. is going to solidify its identity.



As currently the persistent universe with its wide variety of technical details is still being developed, it is impossible to set realistic goals for the far future.

Due to this, C.I.D. is unable to currently set goals for a deadline any further than 6 months after the release of the PU.
This does not, however, mean that C.I.D. will be unprepared for the future. Colonial Industrial Dynamics is working to continuously improve upon herself, both in organisational identity and structure.

Upon release of the PU, C.I.D. will re-evaluate her past and future goals, as well as graft a new set of future goals set past the 6-month deadline.  

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