The structure of Colonial Industrial Dynamics is heavily inspired by professional and corporate styled organisations.
The layout of various ranks and departments reflects corporate governance but allows for specialisation and rewards based on skill and dedication.
C.I.D. maintains a unique structure for ranks and departments, that provide members with the opportunity to work in flexible working environments and roles.

Personal ranks:

Personal ranks are universally recognised within the organisation, as a sign of dedication and personal skill. Personal ranks open up possibilities for the specific members to attain leadership roles within various operations and activities, and even become part of governmental organ of C.I.D.: The Board of Chief Officers. The personal rank system implements the following five ranks:  

Operators are the operational core of C.I.D, and thus essential to the organisation as a whole. Operators are responsible for fulfilling the vast majority of roles in areas such as security, exploration, transportation, mining and production. Every service and product that C.I.D. is able to deliver is due to the dedication and skill of her Operators. An Operator is assigned a job in accordance to the department they have chosen to be active in, as well their personal motivations and interests. A wide variety of jobs is available such as piloting ships, escorting cargo, operating mining machinery and mapping jump points.  

Executive Operators are C.I.D. members that have proven themselves to be dedicated and capable during operational missions. Receiving the rank of Executive Operator is a mark of trust, which comes with the opportunities to prove oneself further. Executive Operators can be given the chance to temporarily lead singular missions with up to 5 other members. This could mean anything from leading an exploration mission to leading a wing in the security department, based on the department of the Executive Operator. These missions are provided by Managers and higher ranked officers. 

Managers are the operational leaders of C.I.D. The manager is responsible for monitoring the large number of Operators and Executive Operators, as well as ensuring that operations run smoothly. As such managers can be responsible for overseeing a production facility, ensuring the safety and efficiency of mining operations or even directing exploration teams. Where Officers and Chief officers are responsible for a department’s strategic mandate, the Manager is capable of leading operations in a hands-on way, using both leadership skills and personal expertise.

Officers are the second highest rank in C.I.D., second only to the Chief Officer. An Officer is responsible for carrying out the mandate set for the entire department by a Chief Officer. As such the role of the Officer is to assist and support the Chief Officer in running the department wherever possible. Officers are given a relative large amount of independency, they use for carrying out a variety tactical and managerial tasks, as well as collecting essential detailed information for the Chief Officer. In order to be able to fulfil the various tasks, the Officer will often work together with managers from various departments.

Chief Officer is the highest rank one can attain in C.I.D. A Chief Officer has proven his or her exceptional personal worth and dedication to the organisation, as well as shown great leadership qualities. The rank of Chief Officer comes with the prime leadership role of one of the departments, as such there can only be nine Chief Officers at a certain time. As the head of a department, the Chief Officer is responsible for the smooth operation of his or her respective department. This is done by working closely together with the department’s officers. Besides the leadership of the department, the Chief Officer also holds one of the seats in the Board of Chief Officers, where he or she works towards strategic organisation-wide goals.


The departments of C.I.D. signify the various specialisation options that are being offered. As such, a chosen department will heavily influence the type of job assigned to a member: Fleet escorts for a security operator, cargo-hauling for a logistics operator, etc.
Each department offers various roles that signify a higher level of responsibility or specialisation. These roles are earned by showing exceptional personal skill, expertise and dedication.


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