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What is Colonial Industrial Dynamics?


Colonial Industrial Dynamics (C.I.D.) is a corporate and commercial organisation that is focused on large scale industrial services and products. C.I.D. strives to offer these services and products with a level of professionalism and corporate governance that is akin to what one would see in large real-world corporation. With the dedication of her members, C.I.D. is operating reliably and is able adapt to the ever-changing economy of the persistent universe.

C.I.D. offers exciting opportunities for motivated and dedicated people who are looking for a serious and dynamic organisation, with jobs that vary from cargo-running or mining to overseeing production sites or balancing the books on various active operations, with an internationally diverse group of colleagues.

Why Colonial Industrial Dynamics?

 As a corporation, C.I.D. is intertwined with the development and progress of various communities widely spread over the persistent universe. Our industrial products and services allow various communities and organisations, both player and NPC alike to lay the foundation for their future success. The industrial character of our products and services can be seen in our mining and refinement activities, where we are focused on gathering and processing large quantities of commonly found resources, and our large trade and logistics fleet which allows us to handle various requests for materials and trade services in a timely and professional manner.

Professionalism, dedication and reliability are the values that C.I.D. is built upon. In order to hold these values dear in all activities, C.I.D. has been structured using real-world business theories, and implements these theories in the star citizen universe. These core values of C.I.D. is something that is also found within the members of C.I.D. A member of C.I.D. is extensively trained and coached in order to engage and develop their personal goals, as well as allowing them to reach their full potential within international corporate network of C.I.D.

C.I.D. is built upon nine distinct departments, with each a specialised role based on primary activities or the organisations’ support structure. Members are appointed to these departments based on their own preference, and can switch over time to promote growth and to ensure that the ambitions and interests of the members are met. Besides departments, a unique group structure is utilised that is spread over the different departments. These groups encompass various skills, abilities and personality traits, and allows members of the same group to structurally work together in order to improve on personal and working relationships. This unique group structuring also allows friends with different interests and/or tasks to work together on a regular base.

One of the unique strengths of C.I.D. is the dedication of her members, who use their real-world expertise to aid the organisation. As a result, C.I.D. manages a substantial out-of-game portfolio that consist of various meta-gameplay elements. This diverse portfolio encompasses anything from uniform document layouts, to training documentation, to a custom-made management tool that will help improve efficiency. C.I.D. provides her members with the opportunity, if so inclined, to contribute their real-world expertise to improve the organisation.

Even though C.I.D. is a serious and corporate styled organisation, it is an organisation that is set in the Persistent Universe of Star Citizen, and thus part of this game’s community. As such, one important meta-gameplay goal is kept dear: To have fun. C.I.D. offers this by providing her members with the opportunity to meet and develop relationships with various people around the globe. As well as encouraging her members to participate in various social activities, both inside and outside the persistent universe.

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