C.I.D. is eager in employing new and motivated members for various activities in the Persistent Universe (PU). However, to safeguard her operations, C.I.D. has set several requirements and expectations for her members:

  • Members are expected to be active for 5 hours per week in game (Once the PU is live)
  • Members are not allowed to participate in any criminal activities and applicants with a criminal/negative standing or reputation will be denied
  • Members are expected to be exclusively a member of C.I.D., no official affiliations with other organisations are allowed during the membership

In order to support the applicant, C.I.D. has provided an overview of the recruitment process.  The recruitment process is described in several steps. These steps will grant you some insight in what to expect of the recruitment process and when you can expect to become a full-fledged member of C.I.D.


Phase 1:

Step 1: The first step to joining Colonial Industrial Dynamics is to apply for the recruitment process. This can be done by writing a letter of application on the C.I.D. page on the RSI website. By clicking the ‘Join us now!’ button, you will open up an application box in which you can write your letter of application. In this letter we expect you to write a detailed description on:
               -Who you are (Including nickname, first name, e-mail address, Discord ID)
               -Why you would like to join C.I.D.
               -Why you think you are a good fit for C.I.D.
               -What your aspirations are for the release persistent universe.
               -What your skills and experiences are.
               -(Optionally) How you have found C.I.D.
Please note that the emphasis of this letter of application should be on convincing us accept you to C.I.D.

Step 2: One of the community managers will pick up your application and review it. After which the community manager will perform a background check of the applicant. The background check is performed in order to get a full picture of the applicant, as well to highlight a possible criminal history.

Step 3: Upon reviewing the letter of application and the results of the background check, the community manager will grant or deny a ‘temporary membership’ status on the RSI website. As a result, the applicant will not officially be recognised as a member of the organisation yet, but merely as an applicant who has passed the first stage of the recruitment process.

 Phase 2:

Step 4: The community manager who has granted the temporary membership status will contact the applicant in order to schedule a meeting. This meeting will take place on the discord channel of C.I.D., as such the applicant is required to have installed and created an account for discord. The interview will be scheduled according to the GMT timezone. 

During the interview, the community manager will discuss a variety of subjects with the applicant. During the interview the community manager will test the english language skills, describe the organisational community and gaugeif the applicant is a good fit for the organisation in general.

Step 5: After the interview, the community manager will let the applicant know whether the entirety of the application process has been approved or denied. The response from the community manager will take up to a maximum of 72 hours after the interview.

Step 6: Once the application process has been approved, the community manager will provide the applicant with a membership contract, secrecy agreement and possibly other binding documents. Upon signing these, the applicant will officially be accepted and recognised as a C.I.D. member.

Step 7: The general instructor will introduce the new member to the organisation and serve as a guide during the initial membership period.


Additional links and information:

C.I.D. makes use of the voicechat program Discord and expects her members and applicants to be able to use this program as well. A download link, installation instructions, userguides and additional information can be found on the Discord website.

RobertsSpaceIndustries CIDCORP 
The official RSI webpage provides the starting point for the recruitment process by use of the ‘Apply now’ button. This RSI page also provides the reader with an overview of current members connected to C.I.D.

Times Zones - GMT
C.I.D. makes use of GMT as a standard time to plan events and operations. This website will provide the current GMT time. In addition, this website will show the user the difference between the GMT time and the user’s timezone.

Membership Contract
Upon passing the recruitment process, the applicant will receive a membership contract. Upon signing the membership contract, the member will be officially recognized as a C.I.D. member.

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