Membership Contract 


This agreement is made and takes effect on DD/MM/YYYY between Colonial Industrial Dynamics, a clan[1] in the gaming community, hereafter called “the Corporation”, and (handle/name), hereafter called “the Member”.

It is binding but not limited throughout any realms of the real, physical World, the game “Star Citizen”, hereafter called “PU[2]”, as well as any other medium of communication, interaction or existence in which the Contract can be applied in part or whole to the extent that is possible to apply inside these.

  1. The Corporation hereby employs the Member for a term commencing on the date of this agreement and the Member hereby accepts such employment, for a minimum of 4 weeks.

  2. During the Members employment the Member will :
    1. Devote such time and effort as may be reasonably be required by the Corporation to perform all of the Members duties; this is deemed as a minimum of 5 hours per week[3].

    2. Not engage in any other employment or corporation activity that is related in any kind to the PU without the Corporations written consent.

    3. Perform as many duties as may reasonably be required by the corporation.

    4. Be assigned to missions and rank by other C.I.D. Members.

    5. Complete all duties and objectives given to them by their responsible superiors as they are required to as long as an active Membership is present, until they are dismissed of their membership or their duties by a Member with the appropriate Authority.

    6. Check availability of required ships for his assigned squadron and, if the Corporation cannot provide the ships, acquire it themselves to the extent necessary to complete his duties. If the Member is not capable of acquiring the necessary equipment due to personal reasons, the Member is required to let his responsible Officer know immediately so that new duties can be assigned in time.

  3. For services rendered by the Member, the Corporation shall pay the Member inside the PU as follows :

    1. Payment will be based on the roles carried out within the PU that contribute to the financial gain of the Corporation. The specific amount of payment will vary according to your activities and rank inside the Corporation.

    2. The corporation reserves the right to change the payment due at any time should it be deemed necessary.

  4. The Member understands that confidential information of high value to the Corporation will be acquired during employment. The Member hereby agrees not to divulge such confidential information to any other party, or to use such information to their own profit except in performance of corporation activities beneficial to the corporation.

  5. This agreement is an employment-at-will agreement. The Corporation may, at any time, with or without cause, discharge the Member by giving out a written notice of such discharge.

  6. Members employment shall terminate upon inability or failure to perform the duties required by their employment or a written notice of resignation given to the Corporation. The required notice is outlined under ranks below.

    1. In case of offence against the corporation, e.g. espionage, friendly fire or theft[4] of corporation assets, the employment relationship between the Corporation and the Member can be terminated immediately and without any warning by any Member of the Corporation with the necessary Authority to do so.

    2. Actions against the Corporation will be handled in either of two different ways, depending on the kind of action and its damage to the Corporation:

      • Theft[3] of assets owned by the corporation where the Corporation suffers a financial or quantifiable loss will be deemed as gross misconduct and are forbidden. Any member involved in or is the cause of such an act can be pursued within the real world for both the financial loss and time involved in acquiring the assets that were made unavailable from the Corporation.  

      • Gross Misconduct, like unfriendliness to other Members or Customers, insubordinate behaviour, unreliableness in your duties, untruthful statements, inability to communicate, as well as anything generally considered under common consent as an inability to successfully and effectively work together with the other Members towards the Corporations Goals can lead to an immediate discharge without further actions. The threshold for a discharge can, but does not need to, be one incident of gross misconduct as interpreted by the responsible Official.

    3. The contract will remain in force until such time that the Member hand in a written resignation with the following period of notice dependant on rank.

      Operator/Member = 1 Week,

      Executive Operator and Manager = 3 Weeks,

      Officer or Chief Officer = 8 Weeks,

      Or the Members contract be terminated as outlined above.

  7. Following termination of employment, all obligations under this agreement shall end except for the provisions of item 4 and 5, and any causes of action which may arise from the circumstances of the termination.

  8. This contract can be changed at any time by the responsible Executive in arrangement with the Leaders and the concerned Members.

  9.  This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between Corporation and the Member.

  10. This agreement shall be interpreted and, if necessary, adjudicated in accordance with the laws of the Corporation.

  11. If Membership is about to be granted the Contract has to be accepted under the terms stated above. The Contract is seen as accepted the moment the Corporation receives a potential Members application through any accepted channels. If Membership is not granted the same provisions as described in item 7 have to be used; in this case it has to be treated the same way a terminated Contract is treated.

  12. Severability:

    If a provision of this agreement is or becomes legally invalid or if there is any gap that needs to be filled, the validity of the remainder of the agreement shall not be affected thereby. Invalid provisions shall be replaced by common consent with such provisions which come as close as possible to the intended result of the invalid provision. In the event of gaps such provision shall come into force by common consent which comes as close as possible to the intended result of the agreement, should the matter have been considered in advance. Any changes of or amendments to this Agreement must be in writing to become effective.


[1]              Clan: A clique, party, or other group united by some common interest

[2]              PU: The Game created by Cloud Imperium Games called “Star Citizen“

[3]              Week: This is defined as being from Monday to Sunday

[4]              Theft: removal of assets owned and/or acquired by the corporation, so that the Corporation is no longer able to utilise and/or access those assets.



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